Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Galera Escapade (White beach)

Ok its been 2 days since I've been to galera. It's been a nice place to go through if you don't have enough cash to spare. If your 10 people going to this place, 1500 pesos is enough for each of you, well if your a foreigner its a different story. I never went there during peak season so I really do not know what is the real price.

However snorkeling is the best part that I really liked here. It is better that you carry your own snorkel, your don't want to think that the one before that uses that snorkel has hepatitis or tartar. =). Well I saw different kinds of fish some dead corals and the best part of all a sea turtle (pawikan).

Well on accomadation, there's a lot that's real cheap. The lodging that you can see in the internet is mostly on the ave pricing. I saw a beach front place in galera that is has a ref, cable tv, hot and cold shower, and good for 8 people that costs only 1,500 pesos, on others it can cost already for 2,500. Too bad I already booked in Basilico lodging.

Basilico Lodging is pretty cool. Friendly people owners, Fred Magbuhos and Sherly Magbuhos. The one that is on the bar, the lady in twenties is rude not accomodating at all. Seems like she's more fucked up than me. Anyway, the place is decent and they don't care with your business there and don't ask questions a lot, just stay there pay your bills and do what you want to do. This is what I liked in this place which is right on the beach front.

Before I stayed in Francesca. If you want a pretty quiet place, that is too far from the beach front like 10 minutes walk, you may want to stay in Francesca. The place is real decent, a bit expensive than basilico. The owner's pretty friendly, but you know its all for business and they are real strict when it comes to house rules on the room. They ask questions a lot too. Well for one, the henna stains they would like to pay you for like 800 pesos. However their cabinets are painted with "barnis", which in turn their attendants will scream with all of their lungs with "HENNA MAY HENNA STAIN" if your towel just touched their cabinets. The paint "barnis" is freakin cheap and can be washed up off by spoonful of water. Well the place is decent but the materials are cheap, so overall when I checked out I'm more fucked up than when I came in because of that freakin attendant.

Galera is real cool. If you want a quick get away just go to this place and be happy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Camfrogin' adult style

Camfrog a good way to spend your time to watch girls go nude. Every chat room in the 18+ had different show girls that they are really proud off. Best of all its free. What more can you ask for. You can buy a beer, and watch. Its like your in a night club and nobody cares if your wankin.

I've joined Camfrog and watched its evolution for almost a three years. The room that is the mother of all 18+ rooms is the asian teasers room. Unfortunately, there are some misunderstandings with its members ( showgirls and DJ's ) which left and created new other rooms that are currently flourishing. A lot of rooms had their time and went down. One room stands among the rest and I've observed that this room still lives up to its name, it is the Pinoy Kantot Academy room. Ive remembered the first Pinoy Kantot Academy room, the room's show girl is Mitch ( Raven as what she wants to call her now ). She eventually got kicked out of this original Pinoy Kantot Academy room because she fucked up the Australian main owner. This delusional girl doesn't want any girls on the chat room, she wants to be goddess on every man's fantasy. Well she created her own group now (Pugad ng mga Ravenas) and still visits other rooms in camfrog looking for members of her group.

There's a lot of teasers that are memorable to me =). I'll name their nicks mostly I can remember and give descriptions.

1. Husshh - this girls the bomb, she shows here face and got her boyfriend fuck her on every show I can remember. Pretty girl. She been on the webcam scene almost half a decade now, YM and Camfrog.

2. Kiddo_Gurl - pretty petite girl with big jugs. She doesn't do all the way today because some freak tried to be close to her and told her that some site has her webcam show. She teases only today and still worth a watch.

3. Haponesa - The original of the Asian teasers very very sensual webcam show. I still see her today but I don't know if still she teases.

4. AmorPowers27 - Nice eyes, white complexion, very quick tease. If your lucky you can catch her all the way show. A lady that gives a very good boner. =)

5. Glico - a thailander nurse. She's a real female by the way. Only shows jugs.

6. Lornel - a cute morena teaser. Big Jugs. Shows before in YM

7. _Jazz_Mine_ - a debate on one forum that this girl is a guy, but I disagree otherwise. She pretty but she doesn't have good shows.

8. 19hana73 - this girls is pretty, not a native of Luzon, but still worth a watch.

9. 1Golf_Girl - I don't where she is now. Pretty naughty and nice. She's worth a watch. She a voluptuos pretty lady.

10. Maui Taylor of Eat Bulaga in generals - This girl can dance. And what I mean dance, can really dance. I only saw her once on a competition and man she did give me a boner without taking her clothes off.

11. Hot Chilly Chick - she got a nice cam, she lives in US, got a lot of tattoos and got a very detailed webcam show. very very very nice pussy. It's been months since I last saw her. Worth the wank.

12. Puma - very nice body, very good teaser. She changes her name still with the word puma dodging guys that waits her to log in, that includes me. I don't see her now.

13. Yzabella - Show girl of the Asian Teaser. Very playful lady, naughty when drunk. She did an all the way before, when the main owner told her to do so.

14. KaiFlow - very young pretty girl looks 16 years of age. Slim, tight and a member of PKA before she went offline forever. I miss this pretty lady and I'm still hoping she'll go online again.

15. Miss_Y - Show girl of PKA. Wild show girl, she looks like a high grade escort worthing 10K plus. Nice pussy indeed.

16. MiSz____pANGEt - shes sexy and very good sensual teaser. She lives in US.

17. Nakanamfootah - this show girl, not that pretty but really caught my attention. She has nice pussy, lives with her brother and always love thrills. As I remember she showed her legs up to her waistline with her brother just passed by her back. I missed this lady and hopefully she'll go online again.

18. london_girl - chubby pretty lady. getting sexier by the day. She shows in a computer shop. RAWR!

19. thugchx_bhabyboo - very very sexy. morena girl, nice hair, nice eyes as well. really a showgirl worth watching.

20. unknown_girl - once she showed and its worth it. She's looking for a job right now and shes from lucena.

21. ____star - she's pretty. Not a good teaser though, but her face is refreshing.


This is a totally different side of me writing. Well what can I say, I'm totally bored and need to do something new. Hopefully this would get rid of my boredom.

If you would like to read my blog, please go ahead and post some comments. Your comments is worth killing my time.

Thank you and good day!